Innovation Pioneer & Create

Innovation Pioneer & Create

Innovation Division

Pioneer new markets by creating services to reach unreached customers

We want more people to enjoy our products. We want to offer our solutions, which are based on our extensive experience and rich technologies, not only to the existing markets but also to new markets. At the Innovation Division, we plan and develop new products and services and deliver them to a wide variety of customers in order to pioneer new markets and expand the existing markets. Also, as part of the effort, we provide solutions to golf courses and restaurants.


KIOSK Workshop Provide consultation to develop original KIOSK terminals customized to needs and objectives

Destructive Innovation Division

To offer ALMEX’s hospitality to the coming Super Smart Society

Technologies keep evolving with head-spinning speed. Soon the Super Smart Society, which brings prosperity to people through the full utilization of ICT and the approaches which combine cyber space and physical space, will become a reality. The mission of the Destructive Innovation Division, a combination of “Disruptive Innovation” and “Creative Destruction”is to develop and provide services proactively for future societal needs. Pursuing possibilities outside the box, we will bring new hospitality to realization.

Support & service


Leading market share based on trust High-quality and flexible product customization

Beginning with automatic payment units, ALMEX’s comprehensive front desk operation system is now used by many facilities. The reasons customers have continued to choose our services for many years are the ‘high quality’ and ‘flexible customization’ that we provide.We have always provided high-quality customization tailored for each customer’s needs which cannot be done by major manufacturers. Our goal is to contribute to the realization of our customers’ideal operating models, even if only slightly. We believe that it will eventually lead to contribution to society and we are literally continuing to ‘develop’ with pride.

Assistance Service

Providing unwavering quality and reliability at any time.

we are here 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with reliable assistance services. We have a call center, remote-control technical support,and on-site repair provided by our branch offices throughout the nation, so we can handle inquiries, requests, etc. speedily even in the event of an urgent situation. With our experienced representatives and skilled field support technicians, we guarantee exceptional follow-up services that you can count on after implementing our products.

We will provide the solution to your customers’request.
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