Boutique Hotel Service Systems

Boutique Hotel Service Systems

From the attraction and traffic of customersto the creation of customers
Creating new possibilities for boutique hotels

For effective hotel management, we provide total support with our hotel management system and boutique hotel search site "Happy Hotel" to help attract customers. Furthermore, we contribute to revitalizing the industry as a whole, through our various services including "Happy Hotel Reservation," which strongly backs customer attraction and traffic, and the official dedicated app "Stay Concierge."

Boutique hotel search site "Happy Hotel" that connects owners and customers, and the official dedicated app "Stay Concierge". With a wide range of services originating from the site, we help hotels increase their occupancy rates and sales.




Hotel Management System

Significantly increases the flexibility of operations by enabling hotels to set prices that precisely match different times of the day and customer segments. Entering, revising and replacing information is simple. The special keyboard with a cash register feel allows even new employees to operate the system right away.



It is possible to customize original screens unique to the hotel. We offer content plans with an overwhelming lineup of over 1,200 titles. An attractive ordering system, Wi-Fi, and mirroring function are available with this system.


Happy Hotel/Stay Concierge

We provide various services, including point and reservation systems, to attract and traffic customers through our "Happy Hotel," one of the largest boutique hotel search sites in Japan, and the official dedicated app "Stay Concierge."


Payment Units
(all models accept credit cards)

ALMEX supplies payment units for guest rooms and the front desk. All models accept credit cards and use touch screen operations. Guests can complete procedures with no difficulty by simply following instructions on the screen and pressing buttons.

Benefits for customers
Short check-in/check-out time
Broader selection of content
More convenience in guest rooms
Benefits for hotels
More efficient work flows
Labor-saving benefit allows using employees to improve services
Effective use of information

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ALMEX has the No. 1 share in automatic payment units in Japan. We are now developing overseas business in order to provide our reliable quality and state-of-the-art technology to the countries in Asia.