Self-order Service Systems

Self-order Service Systems

Innovative solutions deliver powerful support for meeting diverse customer needs
A better experience for restaurant and store customers

Customers often complain about the difficulty of receiving services in a timely manner and unavailability of materials that explain products in languages other than Japanese. By solving this problem, the ALMEX total operating system makes operations more efficient and pleasant. Customization is possible to match the requirements of many types of restaurants and stores. Eating out becomes even more enjoyable. With ALMEX systems, any restaurant and store can improve its ability to make every customer happy.


ALMEX delivers next-generation total solutions for a broad spectrum of restaurants and stores. Our systems make operations more efficient while precisely identifying and meeting the needs of customers.



PC-POS system


Touch screen input makes using this terminal fast and easy to use. The unit is a POS terminal that is designed with scalability in mind. Furthermore, ALMEX can quickly create customized formats to meet the requirements of each restaurant and store operator.

  • Includes a reservation management ledger
    (restaurant table reservation function)
  • Allows remote reservation distribution for menu data

Tabletop ordering terminal


Allowing customers to enter orders directly improves the efficiency of all restaurant employees. Terminals can be customized to reflect the demands of individual companies. Strongly support stores by pursuing upgraded conveniences that meet demands. Can also be used as a terminal for employees (MST function)


Cloud restaurant and store operations support system


This cloud-based system simplifies tasks involving the oversight of restaurant and store operations and sales. Operations can be checked on a real-time basis from almost any location. An Internet management screen with graphs makes it easy to analyze sales and output forms.


General-purpose automatic payment units FIT series

Automatic payment units for various markets to automate the reception and accounting processes. Reduce employees' workload and ensure smooth front desk operations

Benefits for customers
Speedy service
One-to-one provision of information
Bonus points and other value-added services
Benefits for restaurants and stores
Fewer employees and higher efficiency
More sales and new sources of revenue
Operations based on a logical strategy

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ALMEX has the No. 1 share in automatic payment units in Japan. We are now developing overseas business in order to provide our reliable quality and state-of-the-art technology to the countries in Asia.